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Simple tips to block an internet site

Simple tips to block an internet site

Whenever blocking a URL in your internet site, you can stop Google from indexing certain website pages utilizing the reason for being exhibited in Google’s search engine. Which means whenever individuals are searching through the search engine results, they shall never be in a position to see or navigate to A address that is obstructed, and they’re going to perhaps maybe not see any one of its content. If you will find pages of content that you want to avoid being seen within Bing’s search engine results, there are some things to do to finish this task.

Control What’s Being Provided With Bing

Many people may well not offer this a 2nd idea, nonetheless it there are many reasons that some body would like to conceal any level of content from Bing.

You can easily keep your computer data secure. It’s possible you’d have a large amount of personal information that exists on your own site which you’d want to keep away from users’ reach. This may be such things as email address for people.

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